Not a bug Time line bar missing


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Can you be more specific? Do you mean the play bar at the bottom of a YouTube video?

If so:
  1. where isn't it working on your site - the Gallery, in posts, both?
  2. Do you have the same problem with videos from other media sites?
  3. Have you changed the BB Code Media site code in the ACP for these sites, or are you using a BB Code Media site add-on?
Please post a link(s) to examples where it's not working.


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I'm not using a bb add-on, but did and removed it . I wonder if its embedded something.
Which add-on were you using? Did you have to re-create the BB Code Media sites after removal?

Can you post the code used for the YouTube BB Code Media site.


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[MEDIA=youtube]v7iHJY-lbLE[/MEDIA]Phonitor:  A comprehensive introduction (EN) - YouTube by audiokid posted Saturday at 10:54 PM


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<iframe width="720" height="480" style="border:thin solid #333" src="{$id}?vq=hd1080&iv_load_policy=3" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>



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Not sure on this. I've tested with those settings and it's working fine for me.

Which version of XFMG are you using?
Have you made any changes to the Gallery at all (e.g. the templates or style properties) that may have caused this (presumably it was working at some point)?

Chris D

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The size of the YouTube videos is bigger than default and bigger than the max-height defined so that XFMG media bb code doesn't take up too much space in posts.

To fix, add this to EXTRA.css:

.GalleryLazyLoader .galleryBbCode .Panes
    max-height: 512px!important;