XF 2.0 Time frame for themes and add ons?


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Just wondering if you all could give me a ballpark time frame when most of the styles and add-ones will be converted to 2.0? Are we talking a year, six months, three months? I'm stuck in a rock and I hard place as we were set to launch by next March or so but I need the functionality of 2.0 AND add-ons of 1.5. Just a general idea of when most devs hop on the bandwagin and 2.0 becomes the norm. Thanks! Finn


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It's an impossible question to answer - there are hundreds of authors and thousands of resources.

You will need to contact the authors of the add-ons you are interested in.

Dnyan Deshmukh

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You can take a look at it

Some developers are working on xF2

Its hard to predict how many involve in developement for xF2.

I really like this theme.

Andy is also doing lot of work but i dont find his addon uuseful for my primary needs as my forum is new. In comind days will be buying addon from andy if my forum requires that disperately.

There are few more peoples like FXV who are taking effort in building addons for xF2.

I hope soon max people will take interest in developement.


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I think you need to specify which addons you’re referring to. Some devs have already stated timeframes publicly, others you’ll have to ask.

I would say that the majority already known what they’re doing and I suspect are just quietly getting it done.


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Thanks Guys, I'm using only add-ons from mostly devs so hopefully they are busy with 2.0. I just downloaded 2.0 last night and really liking it, except for the design area.