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Bob Booflowski

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I have a question that I could not find the answer to through searching.

There is a group on Facebook that I am a part of that is extremely active (500-1000 posts per day). With this many posts happening, a lot of information gets lost. What I am looking to do is pull all posts from this facebook group and import them into the forum. Using keywords from each post, they would be put into sub-forums.

Then, when someone replies to a post on the facebook group wall, it would show as a reply on the forums under that same users account (provided they have an account on the forums). If the particular user didn't have an account on the forum-side, the post would be added under a general account for all such posts.

Similarly, all replies made on the forum side would show as replies on the Facebook group wall under the same users account.

The way I would eliminate the problem of having split content is to limit registration on the forum side to users with facebook login credentials. Then, I would make the facebook group open for posting.

Is something like this possible with Xenforo?

Thanks for your time, I look forward to everyone's replies!


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I don't think any forum software has this functionality (someone will correct me if I'm wrong). Trying to integrate just the posts would lead on to wanting the likes to be integrated, conversations, status updates, trophy points & awards, thread titles, attachments etc. I can't really see why any developer would want to develop their software to work to that extent with Facebook and effectively encourage people to use that rather than the forum software?

Xenforo offers so much more than Facebook can. Organisation of threads and discussions is just the start of it. There are many other features as well as a myriad of add-ons that make Xenforo so great. There's even some add-ons that do integrate with Facebook such as Social Connect and Friend Inviter. Then of course as you will have seen, you can register on a Xenforo site using Facebook.

Take a look at these 'Facebook friendly features and have a look else Xenforo does and how it could improve your community if they were to use it instead of a Facebook group. It is possible to get folk to switch, a few in my community closed their Facebook group when we set up a forum and they've never looked back. :)

Bob Booflowski

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Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated.

I had a look at the social connect add-on and that seems to be something that is worth looking into. I don't have sufficient privileges to ask this in the add-on post, so I will ask it here: Do you think it would be possible to have posts created via the Social Connect go to the Facebook Group rather than the users wall? This would be the solution I am looking for, I believe.


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You can create an RSS feed for a Facebook page, and XenForo can input that RSS feed as posts -- in one single forum, under one single user name, one thread per Facebook post.

Your best bet might be to focus on an add-on that refines the way the RSS feed is processed by your XenForo site.


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Hi guys,

Anyone got to a solution or something close to that?

I'm looking to do exactly the same thing but cannot find any integration with that level. (from Facebook to Xenforo and backwards)

Please, someone with experience let whether that solution exists or what would be a workaround / closest solution.

Many thanks