Can't fix Thumbnail for attachments don't seem to work for larger images


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Is it being recognised as an image file?

Some software seems to record erroneous file information - I have seen it several times.

If you link to the image I can test whether that is the case.


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I've confirmed the problem using the image from that thread.

This could be a problem/limitation with the GD image processor, but I'll move it to bugs anyway to see what Mike has to say about it.
Ok, thank you Brogan =) ! Is it preferred to use ImageMagick? I saw it was a option to use that instead? What is used on Xenforo?
Well.. My question still remains. Will i be able somehow to upload a large .jpg for example with the thumbnail showing? The uploading part is a large part of my forum, i want the users to be able to upload images directly from their camera to the site? They shouldnt have to open the images in a photo program and resize them before uploading.

Sorry Mike, dont know what you meant by "whim". Tried to translate it using google translate but still dont know :). I see that this thread has got the prefix "cant fix". Not even if i choose the option imagemagick within xenforo?


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Essentially it won't work using the default GD image processor, as I alluded to in my original post.

You will need to install ImageMagick.
Ok.. Just a few questions then :).

1. Is there a downside with having imagemagick on my site? Will everything look like it does now?
2. How do i make imagemagick work on the site? First fill in the radiobutton that says imagemagick in admin cp and then ask my host to install imagemagick?