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I can upload images of 1024x768 ok
When I try uploading larger resolution image 3264x2448 (850k in size), it looks like the GD library is failing when creating a thumbnail.
PHP Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 31457280) (tried to allocate 13056 bytes) in /home/sites/site on line 57

The Maximum Attachment Image Dimensions is on default blank settings, so it looks like a GD lib problem.

I get a similar problem with the nextgen gallery in Wordpress 3.0.1, but I can resolve that by specifying ImageMagick, which is on the server.
Is there any way I can switch to ImageMagick to handle the image handling and thumbnails ?


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ImageMagick is not an option at this time. We may need to provide some sort of option to limit thumbnailing/shrinking to images that are smaller than a specific size (dimensions).

On a side note, it looks like you're explicitly limited to the amount of memory you can actually use. I understand it, but it seems like a bad approach as it doesn't allow graceful handling.
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Thanks for the update mike.
I will remove the max mem limit in my php.ini and see if I can squeeze a bit more flexibility out.


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I'm going off topic here a bit, but where are we in terms of client-side image resizing possibilities? I remember 2-3 years ago a microsoft dev showed me client side resizing using their silverlight browser plugin. That would certainly make uploading a larger number of photos much less taxing on the server and faster if it could be done client side. But, I didn't do anything with it at the time because I figured the majority didn't have that plugin yet, even if pushed by microsoft. Is anyone doing anything with client side image resizing yet? Any graceful way to allow/integrate it if the client has a plugin capable of resizing on their side?


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it worked okay yesterday with large images, but it's failing again today, uploading same images.
PHP Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 31457280) (tried to allocate 3264 bytes) in /home/sites/ on line 57

I've got Wordpress 3.0.1 running in root dir, I'll try again with a totally clean install using XenForo only .....


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I'd love to see an ImageMagick option within XenForo.
I don't think forum users would typically know that they would need to resize images before uploading and client side image resizing sounds like it isn't going to happen.

I am using shared hosting, so I can't increase the memory on the server end :(
The only other option would be dedicated hosting, but that would cost too much for the small private site I have in mind (a couple of hundred users max)
ImageMagick is working fine on my Wordpress sites and my VB4 site, but unfortuantely the GD libs seem to be a memory hog.


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I would like to see ability to place images from gallery anyplace that I desired just the way NextGen gallery does it by using bbcodes.
NextGen for xenForo please... YeeeeeHA!