Threads Visible In Root Node?


I'm currently toying around with a demo XenForo. I've started to minimize and kind of back away from feature-itis, and so have taken a bit of a shine to Vanilla Forums; however, I much prefer XenForo for code worthiness and "it just works"-ness. Vanilla seems a bit shaky on both those fronts.

That said, I really like how simple and clean and minimalist Vanilla Forums is and I'm wondering if I can approach that with XenForo's traditional threads-inside-boards-inside-categories approach? In the demo I'm messing with now, I've deleted the single Main Category and have set the single Main Forum to be a child of the Root Node. This gets me part way there. As the title says, is there a way to get the threads in Main Forum to display in the Root Node without the Main Forum - similar to Vanilla?