XF 1.5 Make Categories Unclickable in root node?


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i have noticed on Xenforo and other Xenforo installs around the web. when you go the their root node tree and click on the actual Category only the page moves up or down..

but for me when i click on a Category it opens it as its own forum page.

like on Xenforo you get this: community/#xenforo-community-support.22

notices the hash tag.. well for me it would open the whole category in a new page..

how do i turn this off on my board?

like for me it would open whole page. EG: categories/portalcentric-main-boards.990/


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In template node_category_level_1

Find (ln8):
<h3 class="nodeTitle"><a href="{xen:link categories, $category}">{$category.title}</a></h3>
<h3 class="nodeTitle">{$category.title}</h3>


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i was hoping there would be a way without template modification... i don't mind doing but thought xenforo would have switch for it...