XF 1.4 Threads only viewable to Selected Users

I wanted to open a private board where people can post threads that they themselve can only see. No problem. There is an option that allows this. However, I want each thread to be accessible by certain users.

To give you a perspective of why I am asking this is I have private sponsored projects. I dont want people to see other peoples project I set up, but I do want for example a team of 2 or 3 to work on them in a single thread. So like I have 30 people, that work on 10 different projects and I dont want them to see eachothers threads. Is this possible?


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You can't do it with individual users, but if you instead create a user group called Private Board Group (or whatever you want to call it) and revoke the ability to view others' threads in the node permissions for that user group, you can do it that way.
yeah thought of that. was thinking if there was an easier way. a way to cheat in users in. a wity way i dont know. like moving a users post to a thread and then suddently it becomes visible.