Threads lock on Modify


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Hi there. Our members are experiencing their threads automatically locking themselves when they're editing their posts. Has anyone experienced this before? If so, what was the cause?


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I've not seen this reported for vanilla XF - what add-ons have you installed? Could one of those be responsible?

Chris D

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I'd say this is an add-on causing this.

There's actually an add-on that can automatically lock threads under certain criteria, perhaps that's it.

Either way, disable add-ons and test again. Once you find the one causing the problem, it might be worth reconfiguring it, uninstalling it or getting extra support from its developer.


they edit their post in an thread and this closes a thread?


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Yes, ragtek that's happening.

I have a feeling it's User Essentials that is doing it. Can anyone recommend an addon that allows members to change their usernames so we can disable user essentials?

Edit: IT'll take me a while to do something. Just got back from the emergency room. Doctors ordered me to take it easy.