Threads (and Permissions) elsewhere?



I have a xenforo that is running 1.1.1.

I'd like to highlight items happening on my board, in our main CMS (expression engine, but not really important, consider it a php template). I'd like to first check to see if a user is logged in, and then based on what usergroup they are in, show them some selected, curated content. Is there a standard way to do this? I imagine we'd have to hook into the xf database....

I am not a programmer, but with a little direction, I can cut and paste things until they work. Been doing that for years.

Basically, I have the equivalent of a php page that I'd like to include some stuff from the forums. I'd like it to respect forum permissions and only show the stuff someone has access to (I'm fine hard coding that stuff in the templates).

Can anyone give me a clue on how to approach this? Thanks!

p.s. currently doing this with vB and wanting to switch over to xf.