XF 1.5 thread_view conditional not working


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I'm making a conditional and can't seem to recognise the thread_view.

I've also tried outputting $contentTemplate and don't get anything.

It seems to be working ok in other templates though, should it also be working here?

Any hints please?

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Do you literally not get anything, or do you just get an output like "NULL" displaying? Try using {xen:helper dump, $contentTemplate} instead to output the value; it makes it more clear whether anything is being output at all and what type of data is being output (if any).

Do any changes you make to that template take effect?

Are you editing the correct template in the correct style?

Another possible cause is an add-on which may be modifying or replacing the template.


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I just tested that on a fresh install and it seems to be working above and below the messages but not in these placements.


I am using a common helper to determine when to show the ads, so if this is expected behaviour then I'll just manually set the template passed as thread_view for these templates.