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A user asked me about a feature we use to have, where if you are looking at a thread list, you could point your mouse at a thread title and a small popup would come up and show you a preview of that thread.

Is there a setting or add on to turn that feature back on?

Discussion preview exists, but THREAD previews don't seem to have an option (by that, I mean a preview for forum threads listed on the main page, not individual discussions within an opened thread). A member of our site asked that very question today and I've been scratching my head to find where an option for this exists in 2.x
apologies for using the wrong term. I mean my member asked for previews of the latest post, on the main forum page, where all the forum section sub categories are located. here's an example:

Screen Shot 2023-10-21 at 10.17.22 AM.png

So if you hover over "General Discussions" or "Censorship Free Area" he says our old 1.4 install would show a preview of the latest post if you hovered over those items. I personally don't remember, but then again I'm old :LOL:

It's not a big deal as only a single member mentioned this, but if there's a setting somewhere (such as the discussion preview toggle) that I can turn on, I'll be happy to know. (I like to keep my members happy) :)
Unless you were using an add-on, I believe that has always shown the description of the node in a tooltip (assuming you set to show in a tooltip and not below the title).
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