RM 1.1 Thread prefix not showing up in edit*

Hi guys!

- created a node forum named *frigates*
- created a resource category named *frigates*
- created a thread prefix named *frigate* and assigned it to the *Frigates forum*
- created a resource prefix named *frigate* and applied it to *Frigates* resource category.

+Now i went back to edit resource category and selected *Frigates*, changed the setting to automatically create thread in forum * Frigates*.

Here comes the issue:
I'm seeing the option Automatically created thread prefix: The automatically created thread will be given this prefix.
But no prefixes are showing up.
I worked before with resource manager and it should give me the ability to click a thread prefix that i created.

I got no idea why it's not showing up
Not sure what happened but it took like 10 minutes before the prefix was shown in the option Automatically created thread prefix.

So guess the problem is solved >.<.