Fixed Thread prefix - error on Forums and Permissions tab


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When you create a thread prefix the select all checkbox is ticked on the forums and permissions tab, if you then deselect all, select 1 group to have permission, save and then go back to the same tab, the select all checkbox is ticked even though only not all groups have been checked.


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More of a usability preference. Un-checking will deselect all the check boxes, rechecking will select them all again.

I would prefer links "Select All" and "Unselect All" with no checkboxes next to each.


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It doesn't make sense for it to be checked when you have a subset of groups already checked.

Also, I would love a "Apply to all forums" in the applicable forums box.


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Bug confirmed. I select all Prefixes and use quickset. I wanted to apply these Prefixes to three Forums I got the Error

The field 'node_ids' was not recognised.

I like to have more Options instead of "Select all". Select all makes no longer sense since grouops.
Select all groups and select all prefixes makes sense.


Ciao Kier, è possibile avere il file modificato?
Ho provato ma non sono riuscito

Hello Kier, you can have the edited file?
I tried but I could not