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Lack of interest thread permission by user's reputation


Active member
I m not sure if xenforo has this function

user can create a thead but only can be read by specific users with the right reputation, we call it reading permission level, for example, guest has reading permission 10, member is 20, senior member is 30, well known member is 40 etc.

user only wanna share some photos or materials with forum member or senior forum member


Active member
You'll need separate nodes and user groups and set the appropriate permissions.
I think that is not the best way for doing this, for example, I only want admins in here to read this thread, so I can set permission for this purpose, or I only wanna share a photo with senior member in a public node, like my son's photo, or I just want to tell a secret to well known members.


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In the current software, you'll only be able to do this via an addon or my previous post.
I know, so I suggest to add this function to next release, not that difficult, right, this is widely used in forum software like discuz, especially when people want to protect their privacy in a public node.