Thread Order Changes

Hey All...
So I am finally poking around the ACP, and after watching the video tutorial on color changes, I was able to modify the look of my forum.
Its all a start.
Now, I have a question.
Once I have established a Category, then a forum below it,
How do I move up or down a forum within that category?
For example, as my site grows, I would like to add more forums within a category.
Also, can I move up or down a category after implementing?
What I am expecting is to add more content for demand that was not included when first creating my list.


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You need to edit the display order per forum. I suggest you don't don't so them sequentially (ie do them in increments of 10-20) allowing you to inject forums.
I understand.
I was using a numerical order for forums initiated, however, there will be more to come with numbers between what I have existing.
Is it possible to reassign the forum number order whereby a changed forum number gets replaced in its new order?
IE : forum 5 needs to be moved down to position 6 or 7 or whatever.
Change forum 5 to the new forum position number.
Would that work?

On category order changes, would that apply the same way?


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You need to edit the node manually and update the display order. If you do it by 10-20 in between, you can inject forums by say, adding 5 to a display order (so 10, 20, 30. You want to add a node in between 10 and 20, you can define the new node's display order to be 15 without needing to change any other node).