XF 1.3 File location changes relative to https

Neil E.

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Greetings to everyone,
Our small club purchased XF in 2012, at that time we were with LunarPages in California
In 2015 we moved to HostUpon in Toronto. My previous posts here are from 2016 so I've been away for quite some time.

We paid XF (Mike) to do the original install on our server, the file location was http://www.odsc.on.ca/community
To avoid a lot of scrolling based on all the files on the server (phpBB forum etc. starting in 1999) I renamed the location to http://www.odsc.on.ca/.xenforo
I also created .xenforo_test to learn how to do styling changes and modify templates etc.
I later upgraded to XF 1.3.6 and that's how things remained.

In early 2020 club execs wanted to move from http to https so I asked HostUpon to do the work.
HostUpon said they needed to make a file location change as part of the work.
Previous http://www.odsc.on.ca/.xenforo/index.php
New https://www.odsc.on.ca/index.php

They advised that I would need to make changes in the forum software to keep the functionality correct. Unfortunately that was the exact time Covid came on the scene. My job is building control panels for packaging machinery and the orders for equipment went wild. Machinery for filling and labeling hand sanitizer, equipment for handling disinfecting wipes etc. All this was for hospital supply companies and they started running 24/7 to keep up. I've worked 7 days a week since then; it's only finally eased up and I can now look at forum needs.

I changed the XF customer url to https://www.odsc.on.ca/index.php
Basic Board Information > Board URL would be https://www.odsc.on.ca
Any links in customized templates would need to be updated
What else do I need to do?