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Hello, I am a new licensed owner of Xenforo. Currently, my staff and I are in the process of developing our site and getting things ready for our transition over from a free forum provider. We are attempting to make the best out of the software before exploring Addon options and one piece really rings out to me personally as I have been setting up Thread Custom Fields for certain nodes is the inability to bypass required fields. Sometimes our Staff and other privileged users of our forum will need to bypass these fields to post important threads or to edit already existing threads and this appears to not be possible. So my feedback, or moreso a feature suggestion, is to add the ability of either usergroups who have forum moderation powers over a said node, are global moderators or administrators to bypass any required fields.

Obviously, while I have explored the administration panel of Xenforo, I could be missing something and would appreciate any feedback on the above that other community members or Xenforo Staff could give me.

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EDIT: Looks like I may have posted part of this to the wrong forum. I still believe it's feedback to consider for anyone looking into custom fields in threads, but yes, whoops.
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