Design issue This FEELS like a bug. The screen shot says it all.

Bill Stuntz

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The requested attachment could not be found.
Correct. And I screwed up and posted the wrong photo into post#1 which I corrected a couple minutes later.
It is absolutely a broken link. But shouldn't the editor be smart enough to know that the "Wrong" photo had been uploaded and deleted during the same edit session and remove the link that IT broke?


XenForo developer
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What you're expecting to happen does happen when the image is displayed inline. Your behavior is explicitly related to an edit situation (or where a page load happened). This is really a limitation of the current system not displaying attachment images inline in this situation. This is something we have resolved in XF2 but it's not something we'll be able to change in 1.5 at this point.

Bill Stuntz

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Thank you. I may be wrong, but to me that limitation feels like a bug. And I appreciate the fact that it's been corrected in XF2, even though I don't have it yet.