Thinking of switching


Hi there!

I've been looking into switching to a different forum software for quite a while now. I currently run a forum that uses PHPbb 3.0.11 and I'm trying to convince our webmaster to switch over to Xenforo. PHPbb is alright but it feels very outdated and has a clumsy design. Many of our users have also found that it's riddled with bugs and isn't very open to develop.

A little about our current setup:
  • 66,000+ users
  • 358,000+ posts
  • 2.18GB database
  • PHPbb 3.0.11
Why I want to switch - will Xenforo help me here?
  • Interface looks dated (I know this can be updated but our needs are very particular and PHPbb doesn't really cater to what we're looking for)
  • User control panels aren't intuitive enough for our users, who are mostly 40+
  • Admin control panel is clunky and unresponsive
My main questions
  • Will we lose any of our SEO ranking during/after switching to Xenforo?
  • Would our users be inconvenienced in any way? (Forced password changes, profile changes etc.)
  • Are we able to set the software up using IIS?
  • Does the forum software have any spam countermeasures?
  • Will our current IP, e-mail and username bans be carried across?
  • Will post attachments be carried across?
  • Will it be simple to set up our custom TapaTalk app with Xenforo?
Thanks in advance for any answers you can provide.