XF 1.5 Things to be checked after Data Import ... ?


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Hi All,

I have successfully installed XenForo and imported vBulletin data to XenForo.

Just wondering what are the things that MUST be checked immediately after Import.

This is what happened :

1) I am able to login to XenForo Admin CP with the Administrator ID.

2) But when I access the forum with same Administrator ID, its showing the message that I don't have permission for that. (But as a GUEST, I am able to see the forums & content)

3) I went to Admin CP > User Group Permissions , and allowed permissions for ADMIN group to view all forums.

4) When I access the forum now, its showing the message that I should complete some Two Step Verification. I did that and finally able to view the forums & content.

Its a slightly confusing as I am beginner.

1) So, Please list what things I should check immediately after Import ?

2) What's this Two Step Verification process. Every member of my forum has to go through this before they can see the forum content ?


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You will need to check and adjust all permissions.

You can disable 2FA in the user group permissions.

It can also be disabled for administrators accessing the ACP - enter 'verification' in the ACP search to locate the option.


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You will need to check and adjust all permissions.
So the vBulletin permissions will not be retained after import ?

And any HELP guide/page for User Group Permissions ? (The permission list in XenForo seems more exhaustive and complicated than vBulletin)