Things sure have changed...

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When I was a moderator here back in the very beginning, we weren't permitted to close ANY thread. I did close two, and they were opened right back up (not by me). I was told that we didn't want to be viewed as a community where people couldn't or wouldn't speak their mind for fear of their thread being closed.

Times, they have a'changed. :rolleyes:
*counts the minutes til this thread is closed*

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Apples and Oranges.
Sometimes a good thread lock is a good thing.

People are worried about our beloved Xenforo.
The captains have jumped ship and even though they still telnet back in from time to time, people are still worried.

and ... at the same time .... people forget the ship is the best ship out there.

It's a confusing time. Especially when the captains won't talk to you.

But I'm still loving the ship !!

Other analogies:
Brisco = Schettino
vBulletin = Titanic


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It's like that every where you go in terms of "communities".
Well ... yes and no.
I know what you are saying, but in reality, as good as Xenforo is .... Mike and Kier haven't been able to nurture Xenforo and the community. They have the skills and vision (which vB might not) but the situations at hand have taken a great toll on them. And people are mad that they haven't been told the full story much.


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Guys lets not forgot that Kier and Mike were the best developer to keep this community active and alive with their helpful post in most threads created. We are talking like this situation is happening for years its just 3-5 months and the software is rocking with no major bugs.


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Things have changed because theres things KAM doesnt want getting out to the public before they get to say it ( if they ever do because they dont say much now a days anyway ). They are hiding things and not telling the community on purpose, its not an accident they dont get on here and say hey guys..blah blah blah. I see the problems and the issues they are dealing with the lawsuit but intentionally ignoring their business doesnt come at that price. They are just leaning on the fact that some members are still around and they hope to keep it going while they are away, sure the lawsuit sucks and its horrible that they have to go through it after all their hard work but... ignoring the community isnt the best decision. I do not know the full situation with the lawsuit but as far as KAM, there is some information out there to the inside of things...

we will wait and see how this all unfolds.


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Oranges and Apples.

I'm sure 2 years ago you didn't have people posting intentionally provocative threads in a futile attempt to intentionally cause drama and fan the flames of an already less than ideal solution.
Sure they were, except it was all about vBulletin... Now its about Xenforo.. :)
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