Things I can't but should be able to find


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OK... I may be missing something here and since it's difficult, I think it should be easier. So here goes:

1) Uploading and editing of primary icon/image for resources. You only get one shot. You have to check the resources box to upload an icon/image as an option.

a. there is no way to force this to occur, it's optional and must be checked.
b. there is no way to edit a resource icon/image once uploaded.
c. there is no way to upload an icon/image once you've failed to upload the icon/image the first time you created a resource.

2) I can't find moderation of existing submissions on the back end. Is there a list of outstanding reviews or a simple way to get a list of new submissions that are not yet approved? I am guessing that moderation setting must be done in the group permissions.

Thanks for anyone's help and for your patience with my novice feel for this add-on.

Steve F

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1. Sidebar

2. Anything that is moderated should be shown up top in the moderator bar moderation queue.


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Ah thanks Steve. But a user can't update or change a resource icon. I can only choose to moderate it.

The other item is an inability to remove fields, which it appears is a custom template issue, e.g. removing the version number.

In thinking about the resource icon, I will have to find the template so that I can make the checkbox prechecked and force the resource icon upload. That's not a good way to do things so I hope I'm just missing something here. Great module though.
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I can edit my icon on all my resources here so it could be related to a permission if you're not seeing it.

It could be: Update/edit resources by self


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Ah - OK, I see it now. There was one permission not set right. Now I see it in the "Tools" section as per the photo. I'll need to rename these things as they will be confusing. The checkbox for an upload will need to be done in the template, which is fine. Thanks guys.