The Witcher 3


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It looks amazing and want to pick it up but more than likely o won't have any time to play until probably steam summer sales so I may wait for that :D

Ernest L. Defoe

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If I knew when I went by a Walmart today it would be out I'd get it today. Not sure if I will be around one tomorrow or not. Will just have to wait and see. Before anyways says why Walmart it's about the only place I can easily get an 18 wheeler in......I know more places have it for sale just aren't that easy to get to.


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I started playing it last night for about 30 mins. I got mine free with one of my graphic cards and had it pre-loaded via GOG. For sure, it's up there as one of the best looking graphically games, especially in 4k which ran great on my system with settings set to max (hairworks was enabled to). I think the fighting mechanics are nice, especially when it zooms out slightly so you have a wider view and can see what's happening. Not sure if this was in the previous Witcher series, never played them.

Not much more to say about it with only 30 minutes played, but for sure, one of the best looking games I've seen, Dying light being on par with it for graphical beauty.

Edit: Telling a lie, not quite 4k I'm playing at. 3440 x 1440
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Ernest L. Defoe

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Picked this up today and waiting on my xBox One to update and we are gonna try this game out. Haven't played any of the others but the graphics and gameplay look pretty awesome.