XF 1.1 The uploaded file is too large for the server to process.


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I've searched the forum, no suggestions working there.

I have other websites hosted with a max file size of 512MB set in php.ini and other places and that works fine, it just suddenly stopped working on XF. I watch and see it uploads a 128MB test file, but then produces the error.

Execution time, php and apache limits are all set correctly.

Any ideas why it would suddenly stop working on XF?


Uploaded 132268032/134217728 bytes. attachment_editor.js:14
Uploaded 132972544/134217728 bytes. attachment_editor.js:14
Uploaded 133644288/134217728 bytes. attachment_editor.js:14
Uploaded 134218748/134217728 bytes. attachment_editor.js:14
[div.xenOverlay __XenForoActivator, constructor: function, init: function, selector: "", jquery: "1.5.2", size: function…]
) xenforo.js:191
All files uploaded.
It's a zip file, already searched the forum and read those threads. It's not a shared server, well technically it is in that I host other sites and customers on my servers but they all have the same setup and only XF has an issue with uploads.
As ever, mod_security does some funky things. So if that is a recent addition to your setup, that could explain why the behaviour has suddenly changed.
If it is a mod_security thing, smaller files with the same name will give just as much trouble.
128 Mb files are quite large for forum uploads.
This should be fixable .... but attaching 10 of those will make backups a pain.

Hmm, still not working - any ideas anyone?
Have you read the other threads ?
Posting your settings discussed in the other threads seems like the next step but you haven't posted anything.

Does a 50 Mb file attach OK ? with the same name ?
It was a server-side issue with MySQL mixed with an unstable kernel and a small hardware issue. I could go into more detail but it seems unlikely that other users will have the same issue - for most it seems to be about the configuration (exec. times, limits etc) which were all set correctly.
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