XF 2.2 "The uploaded file is too large" - but smaller than max settings


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In Setup > Options > Attachments my settings are as follows:

Max attachment file size: 6,000 kb
Max attachment image dimensions: 1200 width x 1200 height

Based on what I've read here on XF, when an image is uploaded it will first reduce down to the max image dimensions, then it will insert the image as long as the new file size is below the max.

I have a few images that give me the error "the uploaded file is too large" even though the file size in under my max setting.

Image 1 = 2,700 kb size, 5568x3712 pixels
Image 2 = 3,085 kb size, 6000x4000 pixels

I've read that in come cases when XF downsizes an attachment to meet the pixel dimension max it will actually increase file size. But I've tried bumping my max file size up to 20,000 kb and I still get the "too large" error message.

By the way, I am able to upload those same images here on the XF forum without an issue.
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