The @ Tag


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I am using Firefox and this has been an irritation since day 1 of using XF. When I use the @ option to tag a member as you type a dropdown list of all those member that match the name will show up. The idea is you should just select the member you want click on it and it should complete the tag. However this hardly ever works, I have tried clicking the name and also the small avatar with the same results o_O


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I can't seem to reproduce any issue here. I can click the autocomplete list entry and it inserts without issue for me. Can you reproduce this here?

I'd note that you can also use up and down on the keyboard and enter to insert the entry (which is my usual approach). Does this have problems for you as well?


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Does the same thing for me (latest version of Chrome). It's intermittent though (works as intended more often than not). If I click the avatar or username, sometimes nothing happens, and need to click to the right of the username to add the tagged member.