XF 2.2 The size of avatars in kb


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I never have cared about avatars, because the most people just dont use one.

But now i have to help with a forum, where people have to upload a picture of themselves (proofed by stuff).
There i see now sizes from 25 till 50kb for an avatar. In a list of 20 users i have 20*25 till 20*50 = 500 till 1000kb per page. That's too much.

Is there any reason to have the largest size of avatars?
And can i adjust this size somewhere else than in the souce-code? The max size of an avatar is l in this forum, everything more is just nod needed.
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I use the size L for avatars, but then O is used with 384px instead of 192px.
I use 24 avatars on some pages. This makes 500 to 1000kb download.
This is to much.