XF 2.0 The site is currently being upgraded. Please try again later.


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Testing the upgrade on my localhost, and I'm getting the following error:
The site is currently being upgraded. Please try again later.
What I did.
1 exported my live files and database
2 installed on my localhost, configured, everything worked
3 copied xf2 RC1 upgrade over my files
4 ran install.php - everything went OK
5 no matter what I'm trying to access, I receive that message

Even tried to re run the install.php, I'm getting:
No upgrade available
You are already running the current version (2.0.0 Release Candidate 1). To do a fresh install, click here.
Rebuild master data
Even tried to rebuild master data, did not help.


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I'm quite confused as to what would cause this as the upgrade area and the front end are checking the same variables (though with a slightly different condition). Unfortunately as it's on your localhost it would be hard for us to debug it.

I assume you haven't manually configured any sort of cache in config.php?


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Do you have any add-ons installed?

I had an issue with this a few days ago and an add-on that was stuck with an is_processing flag.

Dnyan Deshmukh

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You need to edit config php and need to remove paasword for root user, written in that, hope u did that bcoz you successfully setup everything.

That config file located in library folder.