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What could be wrong?

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whynot, I managed to upload a pic earlier (wrong pic) and then I deleted the file - but now when I try and upload a smaller JPG pic I get an error saying it didn't upload. I tried to upload the same original PNG pic but that fails now too. Perhaps there is limited space in the upload area??
I'll check tonight.
I certainly did not limit it.
Something wrong probably with the permissions.
Did you upload it when you posted something or it happened in the "Resources" area?

I uploaded Burns then deleted.
Uploaded again then again.
Plus the beggar dog pic.
I can see them.
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The requested attachment could not be found.
I'm using Imagemagick.
The forum folder is password protected. (Testing only migration from VB 4)

most strange... I just attempted to upload a file again, browsed to the filename, and then this error popped up. That's the same error I got last night, with other files.

The following error occurred
There was a problem uploading your file
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