XF 2.1 The red "New Notifications" bubble next to the tab logo.


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Hi! For all of the questions about Push Notifications, this isn't about that. I have a handy picture about what I'm referring to. This is a tiny screenshot of the tab at the top of the browser; specifically, the before-and-after of me checking my alerts on that tab.


Top is before, bottom is after.

See that little red globe? Where are the settings to enable that? On my Xenforo installation, we only have a text notification, like " (1) Forum. " when there's an alert versus " Forum " when there isn't. Oddly, we used to have this before we upgraded, so I'm wondering where to go to set that. Thank you very much!

Again, just in case I'm babbling, this question is about the little red bubble to the upper-left of the blue "XF" icon.


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I appreciate the response! The question is, if that is set, (Which it is, just as in your screenshot.) and the red icon still doesn't display, does the red icon need to have its appearance set somewhere?


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This is an enlarged version of the icon that a user posted. It's a number with a red background that sits in the bottom-right of the favicon icon on the browser tab. This is what I'm referencing. It was in Xenforo 1.4 but I already have that bottom circle selected that Brogan linked to, but it doesn't result in this. Is there some way to advance back to the red notification number, or is this just how Xenforo 2.1 works now?



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Those red bell alerts are indeed active exactly as portrayed in your screenshot, and when they are, a number in parentheses appears next to the site icon in the browser tab. It's not what the people in my community are looking for in a notification. They're looking for the old style of browser tab icon notifications. There is no white square that appears anywhere in the vicinity of the browser tab.

It goes from:
[Facebook][Arbitrary website name][Amazon][Youtube]
[Facebook][(2) Arbitrary website name][Amazon][Youtube]

But nothing more. There's no red square with a number that pops up in the lower right corner of the favicon icon itself. That's actually exactly how it looks, and nothing more. We're looking for the little red square/bubble as illustrated in the images in the tiny screenshots in the first post of this topic.
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My apologies for the double-post and the bump. I figured it'd be better to post a solution for any onlookers than to just wander out after having found a solution.

It wasn't actually me who tried this, but my faithful companion tinkerer. I'm just the community manager puppeting this account. Alright then.

Apparently, the "Favicon" field needs to be filled in with something. It feels counter-intuitive though because the field doesn't say "Favicon with notification" - It just says "Favicon."

It's located here: Appearance -> Styles -> (SKIN NAME) - Style properties


Muh boi took the favicon.ico file from the forum's root, did something to it, (I think) and reimported it somewhere.

If this information is incomplete, I can happily dig downward to find out what exactly was done. Scientia est scientia.


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Any Idea why we don't have the notification on the favicon?
I have the favicon set in Appearance -> Styles -> Style properties,
But it still won't show...