The more I look the more I want.


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This is a killer.

The more I look at this site the more I want xenForo. I have become the worlds least productive person since this site opened. :D

I wish there was a thread I could subscribe to that when it becomes available I would get a notification so I could go buy it. :(

I have to find away to quite constantly checking on things out here. :eek:

I have to stay out of here so I can become productive again. :)

Someone give me a yell when it's available. :p


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When I see it for sale I'll give you a call :)

Give me a call when they announce when it will go on sale. That way I can put in on a dozen calenders.

Now I am off to start my last thread until the announcement then I am going to re-enter the world of productive people and do my work.

See you all when they announce when it will be for sale. Gonna go start my last thread till that day comes.


Yeah, I am holding off telling people they can go get a license. And I have enough people that will convert without a blink. They've already reviewed the software here and are glad there's finally a real convert option for their sites.