XF 2.2 How can I have two or more working local only XF installations on the same PC


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For testing and development purposes on my home PC, I want to have two or more parallel installations of XF. However, if I install XF in one folder and then try to install another one in another folder, the installer warns me that any other installation will be wiped out from the database and indeed it is, leaving just the second one. Therefore, I'm only able to have one installation on the PC. Note that the forum wouldn't be accessible from outside my home network and only by me, hence no license violation.

I believe that if it was possible to change the table prefixes, then it would solve this problem. Is this correct? How would I go about doing it, if so? If not correct, what's the solution?
Just create a new database and directory for each installation.

I have multiple localhost instructions without issue.

Make sure you use a different cookie prefix for each installation.

These guides will help.

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Brogan, you're a lifesaver as usual, thanks matey. :cool:

I've been hacking away at this forum project for months now, but I still feel like a rookie, lol. I'm not even live yet on the domain, but that will hopefully change soon as I scale back the complexity of the initial launch.
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