XF 1.5 The Merging threads: existing data required by the data writer could not be found.

Mr Lucky

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While trying to merge two threads, I got this error message:

The existing data required by the data writer could not be found.

can anyone help please?
I just checked, it seems they did get merged.

But it's odd. I thought they weren't actually merged as both were still selected via the tick box in Recent Posts view.

I unticked them, and next time I looked they were merged ( source thread had a redirect in place as specified in the merge threads dialogue box) and posts were all sitting there in the destination thread.

Destination thread was a resource discussion, not sure if that is relevant to the issue.
Just tried again with my test forum, same thing happened so it seems reproducible.

It seems the merge works, but both destination thread and source (now a redirect) stay selected. Which can't be right can it?

(and is actually quite dangerous if you don't realise they have stayed selected and you then do some other thread action elsewhere)

So I will now be able to test with addons disabled.
I have tested again with all addons disabled, no problem

Turned addons back on and started disabling one by one, but the first one I disdabled was CTA featured Threads by @Brogan and disabling that cured the issue.

Also tested on 1.5 now.
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