The Grass Isn't Greener ...


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I have webmastered forums on xenforo1, invision power3, vbulletin3 & 4

I've recently regained control of an old IP board i built , its been AWOL for 2 years .

Let me give you this...


My IP Board was the IP Board used by Kier to build the importer back when xenforo first started! Pretty proud of that...Sort of Famous lol

But anyway i ran across a forum and was like dang this is nice what software is this , low and behold it was IP Board 3 ... So i restored the old site obtained ownership and I'm actively developing it , (hit a wall tho because of mysql requirements).

Let me say this xenforo 1 is like 10 years ahead of IP Board 3 , as I'm trying to do simple things i can accomplish in xenforo its nearly impossible on IPB .

the IPB admin control panel looks WAY BETTER and it has 1000 more options and settings and it makes XF admin cp look like "plain jane" but when you go to use it , the "plain jane" admin cp of xenforo can accomplish so much more its crazy.

here is an example:

Recent topics on the side bar default is 5 items ...

on xenforo you edit admin cp option to increase number of items

on IPB you have to edit php file in file system via FTP

isn't that nuts? every upgrade you would have to redo...

Now as for IPB 4. them guys on the dev site are all like they are MASTER RACE and were all idiots , they are under the impression that BBCODE is obsolete ...

i have an active license over there but there requirements are nuts and i don't met them..

host wont upgrade MYSQL right now so i don't know if I'm going to go to VPS or what but i almost have to go to IPB 4 because i cant even get a dang you tube video to embed right on IPB 3 :D