The Calendar Utility


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XF 2.0.0 RC1

If one has to chose a date in the past -- say 1962-04-12 -- then it becomes a humongous task using the calendar utility to navigate to that year.
If possible, in the calendar, the year and month should be a drop down and not just a clickable navigation which cycles through month/year sequentially.


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The month and date are actually clickable for dropdowns, though this sort of calendar utility is really not targeting particularly old dates (given that it will always start relative to today).


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A case (specific to our forum but could be possible in other flavors on other forums too) is "Diabetic Since" and these dates are always in the past and never in the future. So, let's say some one is diabetic for 20 years. This means 240 clicks before one reaches the stage to select date and average joe won't think of copy paste.

@Brogan - Yes that's what I did when few complained. Issue here is again the same. Not so computer savvy -- say seniors aged 60+ -- won't be that aware of every little trick. So this was just a suggestion to make it dummy proof.