The BEST Forum Software ever


I was a little reluctant to join XF at first due to how new it was at the time I was thinking of going with it.

But I am so glad to be a customer now. It is the BEST Forum Software. I've used it in the past as an admin or moderator on other sites but having my own license is the best thing I have done so far.

I just love how simple it is yet I can make it the way I want it to be without having someone higher than me tell me how they want it to look etc.

It's quite fun to play with and I thank all the developers and the people who have made the amazing software.

Also thanks to those who have answered any current questions I have had. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Welcome to xenForo Aaron!
Thanks. I still remember when I used to fight with you about the cons of XF. :p

Nothing wrong with it anymore. May of been a few problems originally but as the software has grown so has my liking of it.

Sadik B

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Got to love XF's SEO! :)