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The Articles addon has been born!


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Liam my best knowledge is that Jon is finishing the Edit and Delete functions on stage 1 tomorrow (Thursday) - today's completion work was delayed by another job taking longer than expected (groan familiar story)
I'll see if we can forward a test for you.

Stage One will complete these functions:

- Create a Library node. Has node tree position, visibe/ hidden, permissions, integrated What's On etc
- Create Article as child of this Library node.
- Article edit frontend bbcode, (hopefully with pagination).
~ Directory or Index page to list contents. This is only for THIS Library node. A coordinated directory index of all Library nodes, if multiple nodes are creates, to come later.
- (hopefully) ordering of the links to Articles on the directory page for a Library node. Decription text = listing.

I am also helping Jon look at Library nodes operating with nodes-as-tabs where Jake Bunce has kindly given us the required code adaptations. If this goes smoothly hopefully that will be in place by the weekend.

It would be desirable for this Stage One to also have Pagination,
and ordering of the Articles displayed on the Library node list page.
These are both quite easy additions so if all goes well tomorrow we'll have them.

Unfortunately Jon then needs to break off to attend to his own admin. So Stage Two will not follow immediately next week. I will keep this thread posted


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All of Stage I was completed today including pagination / multiple pages.

You can see an example here

Two pages, paginated.

Click the link in the title box or use the breadcrumbs to get to the Library list page. (up one)
Each Article has a listing with description preview.
Everything is fully editable any time on the frontend in bbcode..

That particular article has no pics.
At present pics are insert not upload.
For pics see the Gossip Library.

Exhausted but happy as my site has just gone fully live.
Doing documentation or guides of any kind is now a breeze.

Jon will do the proper addon for you when we've had some SLEEP!

Digital Doctor

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Pagination was super fast !


I noticed the ?page=2


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Oh wow yes I slaved over the membercard Doc.
I must make a membercard tutorial for that.

Thanks for the pic showing pagination .... I'm too shattered.
Pleased though.

Chris D

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Morgain & Waindigo this is great work.

I have asked Waindigo via PM if I can get this set up on the site I'm building.


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Do nag him to make it an addon. Even in this first stage condition it's really coool.
Also put it with Jake Bunce's nodes-as-tabs and you can make a whole information/ Help system so easily.


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~ Upload images direct - hopefully include image wrap but there is another addon for it
~ Discussion option connected to an Article. This will be a forum thread. Duplicates underneath the Article.
~ Main Directory or Index page to list contents of all Library nodes.
- Ordering of the Articles listed on a Library node list.

~ User/ Usergroup Editors.
- What's New display.
Here endeth the free version.
Note that Jon of Waindigo will do more custom work for you as well as the requests I have made below.​

ps I will work on getting him to do Stage 2 next week.
Probably not all in one week poor guy.

But linking a forum thread + duplicating it to display under the Article
direct image upload
and a main Library index page to display all libraries with option to toggle selected as invisible
that should be manageable.

Then usergroup editors and What's New integration later.

Jon W

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I am hoping to tidy up and release the first stage of the Articles add-on tomorrow, and have kept most of next week free to do as much of the second stage as possible (if not more!).

Rho Delta

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So how is this different from the LN Blog? Is it completely different or more of an alternative for blogs/articles? I need a blog system but am undecided on which direction I will choose.


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The Library is now being issued today/ tomorrow on the Resource Manager.
It is STAGE 1 - but also has permissions for editor usergroups.

Stage 2 is expected to be done next week.

Pet I don't know the LN Blog. Why don't you describe what you want?
~ "Library" allows you to create pages of content using the same editor (bbcode) we use to write a forum message.
~ Multiple pages can form a paginated series for an Article.
~ Pages, or Articles with multiple pages, are grouped and a group lists on a Library index page. Each listing can have a preview text.
~ So your members can have their own Library. (Stage 2 next week will see to ordering on the Library index page - by date/ a-z/ priority items/ or manually by numbering them.)
~ A Library is a node with all the usual node permissions to access, create, edit. I believe the individual Articles also carry permissions though I haven't done that yet as Jon only told me today.

Next step is to link the Library page or Article to a discussion thread maybe to a whole forum?).
Personally I much prefer forums to blogs as more social, and they are the heart of a forum community. Library discussions will duplicate as forum threads that show in the bode hierarchy as normal if node display enabled) but also display under the Article or page.

I'm not a fan of ratings though I will ask Jon to add Likes.