XF 1.3 The Admin Panel is Messed Up


^ Basically.

I keep trying to reinstall it, and it works fine until it gets to templates. Then it crashes and displays a chrome page that says "no data received". I then reload the page and it does a little more installing and then says that the install was successful.

But no matter how many times I reinstall or refresh, it still displays this white page. Help, please!


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The crash that you're getting on install is significant as that's preventing it from completing successfully.

When "no data received" errors happen, it means that PHP crashed for some reason. Unfortunately, it's not easy for use to troubleshoot that as the cause is unknown and there won't really be much info explaining why.

Looking at the URL, it appears that you're using a free hosting provider and this may be why. XenForo does not generally work on these providers due to some of the modifications they make to pages and the extreme resource limits they often apply.