The Admin CP Demo Compare To The Full Purchased Admin CP Forum

Hello My Name is Josh

I Been checking out the demo and just testing it out as i was thinking about buying a xenforum and will that just cost 140$ and then you get the forum?

also is the demo version the same to the actual full purchased forum or different?
like if i wanted badges etc.. would i need to purchase the add ons or would they be on the actual full purchased forum?

would be great if someone could get back to me thanks.
The demo has the same functionality as you get when you purchase.

In addition it also includes the optional Resource Manager and Media Gallery add-ons.

Once purchased, a license can be used indefinitely for no additional cost; it is not necessary to renew it annually.

Included with the initial purchase are 12 months of support and updates. After that time, you can continue to use the license but in order to download newer versions and benefit from ticket support, a 1 year extension would have to be purchased. Extension cost depends on whether any official add-ons are attached to the license - the currents costs are listed here.
thanks so much.. also another thing aswell..

i dno if this is the right place to post but the other threads are locked and only for customer members..

but anyway i been on the demo for a few days just checking it out and getting the hang of it and out of all the websites out there i feel this is the best for me and my site
would be based on a gaming community and i have a few questions about that aswell..

1. how would i go about adding images to peoples profiles and it will show it when they post..
2. the banners.
3. im also trying to figure out groups aswell like a bunch of members would be in a team also they would have there own kind of forum/thread for just that team..

would be great if someone could get back to me thanks again Josh..
1. I'm not sure what images you're referring to. Can you clarify?

2. I assume you're referring to user group banners? You can define these per user group.

3. You can do this with user groups and node-specific permissions. We can provide specific guidance in the support forums.
thanks for getting back to me....

and yes basically say a bunch of members would be in 1 group about 10people i basically want them to have there own forum/section also a banner for just that group also a badge/image which i explain below..

also about the images/badges i basically want a badge/image so you know a football or a rugby team i have alot of images that i want to add to the website for the certain groups and then i can add them to peoples profiles and it should also show them when they post... that's what im looking for thanks again for the help..
If referring to "joinable" group function... it can be done but it's kind of convoluted. There are also add-ons that allow that. Built in true "joinable group" feature is not present in the current incarnation.
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