The $50 installation service

I don't want to make a big deal over $50 - but what does this offer versus me just downloading the XenForo forum myself on to the hosting website? Of course if it saves me time and aggravation, it would be worth it. Is there something involved in the installation that could be cumbersome to a newbie such as myself? I don't wish to get into the middle of trying to install it, and then wish that I had just spent an extra lousy $50. But is there something involved in me doing the installation that could be beneficial to learning how to use XenForo, which if there is knowledge to be gained about Xenforo I wouldn't mind the time and the aggravation learning it.

Also - on the Xenforo demo. I am sold on the fact that I want XenForo versus other forum software including free forum software. But if you are offering a free 3 day demo thing, I might as well check it out first. The "work" that I would put into the demo, if I then buy the XenForo license, would the work from the demo automatically be transferred to the purchased product, or would I need to do everything all over again with the purchased product?

Also for the $140 - is that an annual cost, or a one time cost for the license?

Thanks again - I am really looking forward to this new project using XenForo.
I hope I am asking a right question here:

Is the FTP thing fairly straightforward and easy to use between XenForo and the hosting server, say godaddy. Straight forward meaning just typing in the FTP numbers in the right spots, or is there a learning curve involved in this hence part of the value of the $50 installation service?



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Installation is fairly straightforward and most people prefer to do it themselves.

The service we provide is basic installation of XF and does not include customisation or configuration.

If you are comfortable using FTP or cPanel, you should be able to do it yourself.

The demo configuration is not transferrable, although the style can be exported from it and imported into your own forum.

The license purchase is a one off. After 12 months there is an optional annual renewal fee, which provides access to the latest versions and ticket support.


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Meant to comment earlier. That price usually comes from 2 aspects. An actual tech's time is easily worth that. Also, customers who can't install their own software tend to be of the variety that are going to take up a lot of extra time. So its hard to come in at a low price when someone is going to try and wring every minute of time they can get out of you and then complain in the end.

It's pretty easy and after you have done it once you won't think twice about doing it again.
Rainmotorsports - Thank you for the reply.

I sure don't wish to beat a dead horse on the topic, but I'm guessing if all else fails for whatever reason during the installation...I could contact XenForo and ask them to install it for the $50 charge, or they could charge me more accordingly if I went and messed things up too badly. LOL


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I do not think that they will charge you more no matter how bad you mess things.

Installing xenforo is very easy. You will be surprised in fact as to how easy it is. All you have to do is install a decent ftp software and read the Installation guide.