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XF 1.2 Text Style Properties Definitions


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As you guys know, there are a few text things on the color palette, and I'm curious as to what each of them generally cover on styles:
  • @contentText
  • @textCtrlText
  • @dimmedTextColor
  • @mutedTextColor
  • @faintTextColor
I think it's pretty obvious @textCtrlText is used in input box areas, such as the search box, but what about the others?


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Sorry to bump this, but I'm still curious. :)

I mean, is there any difference among them or are they just there so you can have different text colors in areas?


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Try changing one of them to a bright colour to see where they are used.
Okay, so:
  • @contentText is the majority of text
  • @textCtrlText is the text you type
  • @dimmedTextColor gets the borders on the member card and the username and forum names on search results
  • @mutedTextColor gets things like timestamps
  • @faintTextColor gets the content type on the right side of search results

Text 1.png Text 2.png

However, those are the obvious ones that stand out. I'm sure if I looked around more, I would find more areas. So, then, how did you guys come up with the names content, textCtrl, dimmed, muted and faint? I'd like to say you just made them up, but there has to be a reason you guys called them that. For example, I know faint in this case means light, so was that one called @faintTextColor because it's light text on the default style?