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Brogan submitted a new resource:

Text Logo - Texting, texting, 1, 2, 3

If you like to keep things simple (and have zero graphic editing ability, like me) then a text logo is for you.

No more messing around with graphics programs and coming up with something which looks like it was created by an 8 year old.

It's also much easier to change the logo for multiple styles, seasonal logos, etc.
More on that later.

There are two simple steps required to replace an image logo with text.

Look for this line in the PAGE_CONTAINER template (around line 120):
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Brogan said:
The | pipe character is a filter. It takes the value between the '' (the string with the text and emoji) and applies the emoji filter.
The emoji filter replaces real emoji characters with images.
Ooooh, I didn't know about that, that could be useful. Thanks for the tip. (y)



Where can I find those emojis? Please be specific as to where I can download those.

Which folder do I put those emojis in? Please be specific as to which folder the emojis are to be placed in.

I want to implement your methods for my website logo and to include those cool emojis.


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Nice! Per the directions in this resource, I went to PAGE_CONTAINER as an admin and completed the first two replacements.

This took me from a phone view looking like this:


To this, which is what I wanted. I wanted to get rid of the empty logo box.


Next question: How do I get rid of the duplication? As shown below, the second "Fox.To(c#)" is not needed. The same for a desktop.


Thanks for any help.

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Never mind. I put my logo text in both PAGE_CONTAINER inserts and took the text out of Basic Board Information/Board Title.



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But the board title is described as: "The title of your board. This will be displayed at the top of pages and used in emails. "

Empty board titles will cause errors in emails. Been there. Hm.
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I'm sure you will still have your board title in your forum settings. All you are doing is changing what is displayed.

There are ways to remove the forum title from being displayed.


Joe Kuhn

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Yep, the above worked. Thanks.


There's only one "FoxPro.To(c#)" and I have a title to go out with emails.

Joe Kuhn

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Emails go out without error, but they're ending up in a Junk folder. Will have to work on that next.
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Text logo... one of those things that isn't that difficult to accomplish, and yet should be sooo much simpler. Maybe we'll actually get an easy admin option for it one day.... :rolleyes: