XF 1.5 Text Color Issues

I have my style about done for my new change-over to Xenforo from another big platform.
I have 3 main problems. The first two are referenced in the first screenshot:

  1. The node heading and subheading are the same color as the background and I cannot figure out how to change it.
  2. The titles for Read titles, are the same color as the background. I found the change for Unread Titles, but nothing for Read.
  3. I cannot find how to edit anything for the Personal Details page and it is unreadable unless you hover over a link on the left.
I would appreciate any help I can get on getting these items figured out.



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I made a change to extra.css that @Chris D mentioned to someone else about changing titles in thread list. I now see some of them, but not all. I still need help with this if possible. The User Details are still missing all of their linked data on the left, and the only titles that show up are ones that I click on now. This same "read" feature is going on for Conversation threads as well.

Chris D code provided to another member trying to change colors:
.discussionListItem .titleText .title a:visited


color: @primaryDarker;


The above code now shows thread titles after I click on them, in both thread list and conversation list.

Titles still not showing.


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