XF 1.3 Text Alignment Issue

Mian Shahid

Well-known member
Hi, we are facing text alignment issue in few areas after we added
in message list style property. We also added
on that occasion but then we removed this string but now some characters still showing in wrong align, as per below image:

is their any idea to correct that?

Thank you in advance.

Mian Shahid

Well-known member
Actually this "RTL" is working fine in messages but last full stop at the end of sentence, often showing on left side instead of right end.

May be we placed "RTL" on wrong container????

Mian Shahid

Well-known member
now i removed "RTL" from Message Layout>Message List and put it to Message Layout>Main Content and now some things shown ok

but on the other side, this is working perfect for URDU language scripts.

Any solution?

Mian Shahid

Well-known member
Ops! this was moved everything from right to left, this is not good, kindly advise an easy solution :)
only issue is remaining that sentence ending character (. or ? and :( ) showing in left hand instead right hand, highlighted in red in post 4.