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I currently use Xenforo for a gaming community.

I am wanting to build a website for my scout troop using Xenforo as well. The rest of my leaders would like to test and see if some of the plugins will perform the features we are needing prior to purchasing a license.

I know I can load a test instance of the software, but can I allow two of my other leaders to use that test instance to see if they like it?

I do not want to break any rules. We are a non profit and everyone wants to be sure before we commit to spending any money.


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The license agreement states:
You may create a single additional test installation for the purpose of testing the Software. Any test installation of this kind must be password protected, and access to it must be limited to You and Your website staff.
As those persons are not part of your site staff, that wouldn't fall under the usage terms.

Why don't you set up an online demo?

Admin Demo

Although admittedly you won't be able to install add-ons.