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Terminal or Putty?


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Do any of you use Terminal on a Mac to connect to your server?

When I played around with my first VPS I used Putty on Windows 7.

Do any of you use terminal or putty when connecting to your server?

if you are using terminal are you using it on Linux or Mac?


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Yeah I googled that. http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/using-terminal-instead-of-putty-283382/

Do you use this command?

ssh remote_username@remote_server_address
I'm used to type ssh -l root server.com which I think has the same result as your command. I have keys in place so I don't need to type my password everytime.

I also love to open a secure tunnel to various services in my server. The other night I wanted to play with ElasticSearch so I openend a tunnel to my server using

ssh -L 9201:localhost:9200 server.com -l root

After that, I can connecto to localhost:9201 on my local computer and it will be redirected to port 9200 on my remote server. This can also be done to open connections to MySQL server and any other TCP service that is not open to the world. Best of all, everything is encrypted :)


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Have you tried iSSH? So far from my use of it, I really like it.
No, haven't looked at that one. I'm really pleased with Prompt, as it does a really good job of emulating the terminal. I used one previously on the iPhone that was horrible, and almost impossible to use.


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Prompt is amazing. I installed Oh My ZSH on all my computers, best terminal application I have used (replacement for shell).