Fixed  Templates in this style can not be modified


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I originally created a new template, then deleted my original default one and replaced it. Now when I go to the templates seciton in the ACP, I get the message: Templates in this style can not be modified. Please try another.

I click it a few more times and it then it will take me to the templates.


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Just in case this helps, I had a problem with "templates can't be modified" and Jamie solved it for me -- here's the thread.

And his specific advice:
I have run into this as well. I noticed it when I added a style or a child style, so I am not sure if this is what is causing it, but I got it to work by going into the styles, and then in the list of styles off to the right there are links to the Template and the Style Properties. Clicking these links brought me to the templates or style properties and after I did that once, I could come and go to the templates and styles properties like normal.

Jake Bunce

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I have seen that happen when there is no default style. Make sure one of your styles has the bubble selected:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Styles

That is all I can think of. I tried to reproduce the problem per your instructions but could not reproduce it.


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I've added some code to hopefully prevent this error, though I don't see why this would happen with the original report.