XF 1.5 Template modifications add-on selection?


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When creating a standalone template modification (not part of an add-on) what should we select for the add-on?

Just leave it unselected (Custom Modifications) or select XenForo? What's the difference?



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Leave it unselected if you're doing just one.

If you are doing a few modifications you could always "create" an add-on by going to Development Tab -> Create Add-on.

From there you can create template modifications and assign them to your add-on which you can export if you ever need too. I occasionally do this when I create a few modifications that I may need to backup down the road (backup by exporting the add-on).


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I suggest always starting off by creating a new add-on first and then assign the Template Modification to it. This way you can always see in the add-on list what Template Modifications you have made and can easily disable/enable as needed. Use an add-on name that starts with "Template" or some other identifier that allows you to remember these are just Template Modifications.