Fixed Template Errors: forum_list

Arno Nühm

Active member
I activated debug mode and have this error on top of forum list:

Template Errors: forum_list
mt_rand(): max(-10) is smaller than min(0) in /var/www/, line 51:
50: {
51: $__compilerVar78 .= '<meta property="og:description" content="' . $__compilerVar76 . '" />';
52: }

Arno Nühm

Active member
If I disable Xenforo Media Gallery the error is gone.

If I change the media block from "random media" to "newest media" the error is gone, too.

Maybe this thread needs to be moved to XFMG support?

edit: Actually there are NO images inside the gallery. Maybe this is the reason and a "little" bug.